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what should i be doing? 

2 deviants said open up commissions
2 deviants said do personal art
2 deviants said get more involved in rps
1 deviant said adopts
1 deviant said no seriously i have no idea what im doing with my art


otsukimirecital has started a donation pool!
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Please donate to help me reach my goal of getting a premium, or so I can buy adoptables and commissions from you in return.~

Commission prices should be up soon. I apologize for any inconvenience.

To do:
:iconquirklesthecynical: Digital, Trainersona with Infernape and Lucario, shorts almost above the knee, navy converse, blue eyes (Paid)
Three paperchildren left.

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(looks at my ocs) why are you all such losers

also if i owe you something please nag me about it!!
  • Mood: Shame
  • Reading: apush textbook
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tGB: Egil Plot Meme by otsukimirecital
tGB: Egil Plot Meme
egil needs more friends 7(eue)7
i'll try to do my best to keep up with everything!! asdfgh
everything is pg-pg13

Caught between a rock and a hard place (Closed)
While walking around Ember Hills, Egil trips and gets a paw stuck between some rocks. He is forced to sit and wait (looking rather silly) until some cat decides to help him out. Could end in Egil disliking your cat for teasing him, feeling awkward around them for doing something so dumb, or with them being friends.
:bulletblack: Preferably a member of Fire Tribe

Everyone needs a rival (Closed)
In a bit of a slump about his abilities, Egil meets your cat, who persuades him to work harder one way or another. After the encounter, Egil formally asks your character to become his rival. Whether this is a friendly rivalry or not is up to you.
:bulletblack: Preferably an apprentice or adolescent, but adults are fine. Any tribe and gender.

No longer a kitten (Closed)
Egil feels like he hasn't changed much since he left home with his parents, so he wants to try something different. That is, he wants a piercing. Your cat will probably have to put up with some whining about the pain and general regret about the whole experience.
:bulletblack: Any cat adolescent or older.

Like a hero! (Closed)
Egil sees your cat do something cool(?) and proceeds to treat them like the coolest thing since sliced bread. Congratulations on your new fan and good luck getting rid of him.
:bulletblack: Any cat adolescent or older.

This is for you (Closed)
Egil accidentally bumps into your cat and after speaking to them for a bit, develops a tiny crush on them. Egil being awkward and cowardly ensues and he tries to give your cat an accessory he made, failing to do so several times in the process, but getting it to them in the end. Your cat does not have to reciprocate and the relationship will remain platonic.
:bulletblack: Any cat adolescent or older.
painting practice by otsukimirecital
painting practice
i don't have a lot of finished pieces so have a painting test done in my expired trial of sai 7(eue)7
Blue-Green Fire Egil App by otsukimirecital
Blue-Green Fire Egil App

hello i'm tired
poor bab misses his family

ha ha no friends egil
no really rps are always open please talk to the loser

1/13/15: Changed his design up a little bit and updated the app art!



{ NAME }: Egil

{ NAME MEANING }: Sword's edge; the name of a legendary Islandic warrior

{ KIT NAME }: Ender


{ SEX }: Male

{ AGE }: 12-18 Moons (Adolescent) 

{ SEASON BORN IN }: Winter

{ BREED }: Egyptian Mau x Turkish Angora x Domestic Short Hair


CURRENT || Smith Apprentice 


{ TRIBE }:

PRESENT || Fire-Tribe

PAST || Earth-Tribe/Air-Tribe
{ MENTOR }: Keahi






Egil is skinny and is starting to gain a little height. He does not have too much muscle on him, as most of his weight is still baby fat and bones. His fur is thick and medium length, spiking up on the top of his head and his neck. All in all, he still has all of the dorkiness of childhood.

{ LOOKS }:

Egil is a handsome mostly cream tom cat with ruddy brown patches similar to his mother, and his father's dark brown tabby stripes. These mottled patches primarily rest on his body and face. The patches start off as a darker color in the center, but fade into a lighter hue as they work their way out. His nose, ears, and paw pads are a dark grey, although lighter than his stripes. His eyes are a muted green color, not quite bright but not truly dull, and are a wide almond shape. He also sports the signature tabby "M" and a tuft of dark fur atop his head.




Egil's tattoo is now that of a Blue-Green Fire, which stands out brightly against the reddish-brown patches of fur on his face.




Block The Pebble | You manage to block a pebble that attempts to hit you.

Running Over Lava| You can shield your four paws so you can run over even the hottest substances!

Small Shield | Radius: 1 m^3

Anti Fireball | Your shield can even take on fireballs!

Medium Shield | radius: 1.5m^3

Big Shield | radius: 2m^3

Shielding | radius: 2.5m^3

Throwing Shields | You can use your shield to shield somebody else or an object that is standing.

Guiding Protection | Your shield can now shield moving objects or persons!

Smoke Screen | You can use smoke in a variety of ways, one of them as a screen to get the hell out and another one to blind or irritate your opponent. If you breathe in too much yourself however it can have consequences.

Porcupine | You form the shield around you very spiky and you can protect yourself like a porcupine.

Area of Effect | You can protect an area the size of your camp and other secondary users can help with it, as it drains a lot of energy to keep it up. Every dent against the shield is like a hit to you.


:bulletgreen: GOOD :bulletgreen:

{ Considerate/Responsible: }:

Egil enjoys making others happy, plain and simple. If he sees that a cat worked harder than him to try to catch prey, he will gladly share anything he has. He would rather be the solution to a problem than the cause, putting him at odds with his siblings sometimes and quite often apologize to older cats for bothering them. He tends to act as a surrogate adult figure when he can get a word in, although he can be persuaded into the innocent excitement of kithood fairly easily.

{ Flexible }:

Egil is skilled at dealing with changes in his life and can adjust his mindset to solve a problem. The young cat deals with unexpected or unpleasant situations fairly well by thinking about it in a different way. Ender's mental flexibility comes naturally, so it does not take quite as long to explain things to him as it does to other kittens his age. This is a valuable trait both in battle and in relationships with others, romantic or otherwise. His flexibility allows him to be quite understanding about issues.

:bulletwhite: NEUTRAL :bulletwhite:


The young tom is not very good at expressing himself and cannot stand large groups of cats for very long. After staying in social situations, Egil needs to spend time by himself to mentally recharge. He prefers smaller groups of trusted individuals and may come off as shy or awkward at first glance. He also spends more time thinking about what to say and how to say it than actually speaking, so he appears to be quiet, as well.


Ender is a very curious young cat and asks a lot of questions. He likes to know why things happen and how they happen. He asks about anything and everything that sparks his interest. If left alone with an older cat he would probably ask them questions until they passed out from exhaustion.

:bulletred: BAD :bulletred:


Egil would rather lie with a straight face than possibly hurt someone he knows well. His lies are mostly harmless white lies to boost another's confidence, but if worse came to worst he would not be against telling a bigger lie to protect himself or others. His intentions may be good for the most part, but he ends up accidentally trapping others in his tricks. He does feel extremely guilty about his actions, but does nothing to try and fix this problem.


Egil is in no way whatsoever brave. He is terrified of getting hurt and is extremely susceptible to peer pressure. He rarely stands up for himself and if he does he speaks softly. He would rather be told what he is supposed to do, even if it goes against his moral code. He is very ashamed of this and does not like for it to be brought up.





MOTHER || Lydia






Lydia and John fell in love and are now working together to raise their young kittens. Ender is spending his time sleeping by his mother's side.
Despite the tragedy at the ceremony, Egil still received his name and tattoo. He has now officially moved to Fire-tribe as is working as an apprentice to Keahi.


{Excerpt from Kalos City}

Aedus tilted his head to the side, as well, mirroring the other boy. "What thing?" he inquired, obviously confused. He scrunched up his nose like a large rabbit and put his hands in his pockets as he thought. Suddenly his ear popped up like toast springing out of a toaster after the timer beeps. "Oh, that thing! It's a quote from a famous play. Ever heard of Shakespeare? Ah, scratch that, I'm sure everyone has. I was reading over the script a couple days ago as practice and I guess those lines got stuck in my head." His eyes got wide, as if another important tidbit of information ran through his mind. He hasty took a hand out of his pocket and held it out to the bewildered stranger in a universal sign of greeting. "Sorry for not introducing myself! I'm Aedus Duncan, nineteen years old, professional actor down at the Amphitheater." His whole demeanor changed, speaking as if introducing himself to a coworker or a manager at a job interview. Then after a few moments of uncomfortable silence he smiled again and his carefree attitude was back, once again back in the persona of a quirky college age teenager with a mop of messy dark hair and bright eyes. The other boy was clearly bewildered at his strange behavior, with finding him sleeping on the side of the road and quoting soliloquies, but he seemed more comfortable when he spoke to him normally, so that's what he would do from now on.

Methods of Roleplay:
    :bulletgreen: Yes!
    :bulletyellow: Maybe
    :bulletred: Usually no
:bulletgreen: Notes
:bulletgreen: Skype (outersscience)
:bulletyellow: Email/Google Docs (Only if we're close)
:bulletyellow: Comments (only for silly/crack script)
:bulletred: Chatrooms (they kill my laptop)
(looks at my ocs) why are you all such losers

also if i owe you something please nag me about it!!
  • Mood: Shame
  • Reading: apush textbook
  • Watching: tokyo ghoul


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i'm limit i'm a loser sorry

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